16 Printable Christmas Embroidery Patterns

The Christmas season invites not only to bake cookies and drink mulled wine but is also the perfect time to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and stitch comfortably on the sofa. Whether you are an experienced embroidery pro or a beginner in the world of handicrafts, these embroidery patterns promise creative holiday moments.

Fancy some wintery Christmas embroidery designs?

To save you from searching for beautiful embroidery templates with Christmas motifs, I have compiled some of my favorites for you here. From festive Christmas tree ornaments to sweet Christmas gnomes, everything is included. All embroidery designs are printable PDFs.

1. Christmas Heart by WhyKnotStitches

Image: WhyKnotStitches

Stitching your own Christmas tree decorations? Yes, please! This ornament with sweet Christmas motifs will make your tree a real eye-catcher! The embroidery pattern is more suitable for advanced stitchers.

2. Boho Christmas Decor by Matroyshka Doll Shop

Image: Matroyshka Doll Shop

Create a Boho vibe this Christmas with this beautiful embroidery template from Matroyshka Doll Shop. Thanks to the detailed guide with step-by-step photos, this design is also suitable for beginners.

4. Nordic Christmas Design by WhyKnotStitches

Image: WhyKnotStitches

Inspired by traditional Scandinavian motifs, this embroidery pattern adds a touch of Nordic charm to your home. You have the choice between a monochromatic color palette or the option to personalize the pattern with different colors.

3. Chickadees & Stocking by Magnus and Quill

Image: Magnus and Quill

Chantel from Magnus & Quill has a special talent for embroidery patterns featuring animals. This bird motif is just one of many enchanting Christmas scenes, suitable for all skill levels thanks to the video tutorial and step-by-step instructions.

5. Noël by Slow Evenings

Image: Slow Evenings

Feel like trying intricate word embroidery? With her modern Christmas embroidery pattern, Miriam from Slow Evenings invites you to slow down this Christmas season. With the detailed instructions, you are guaranteed to succeed in this challenging project.

6. Christmas Gnomes by MiraeCreationsShop

Image: MiraeCreationsShop

Has a Christmas elf moved into your home during the Advent season? Then, this enchanting embroidery pattern is a wonderful way to capture the magic and joyful mischief of these festive helpers.

7. Christmas Window by Threading the Seasons

Image: ThreadingTheSeasons

At Threading the Seasons, I found the perfect embroidery project for cat lovers. You can customize the colors and pattern of the cat according to your preferences, creating a truly unique Christmas window.

8. Merry Christmas by Doodle and Stitch co

Image: Doodle and Stitch co

The embroidery pattern from “Doodle & Stitch Co” is excellent for Christmas decoration on your front door. With this, you can creatively wish everyone passing by a Merry Christmas.

9. Santa in a Hot Air Balloon by Magnus and Quill

Image: Magnus and Quill

In Magnus and Quill’s embroidery design, Santa Claus is on the move without his reindeer, instead waving to us from a hot air balloon. The perfect embroidery template for a festively decorated children’s room, if you ask me.

10. Snow Angel by Feronia Embroidery

Image: Feronia Embroidery

This adorable snow angel embroidery design is perfect as winter decor or as a lovely Christmas gift for your loved ones. It looks particularly wonderful on a white tote bag or a pillow.

11. Botanical Christmas Ornament by Little Oak Design co

Image: LittleOakDesignCo

The four nostalgic Christmas ornaments by Little Oak Design Co add a special charm to your Christmas tree. Each one is inspired by a vintage glass bauble, adorned with winter plants such as juniper, fir, mistletoe, and an elegant wreath.

12. Three Wise Men by Abide Embroidery co

Image: Abide Embroidery co

Don’t have a nativity scene? How about this beautiful embroidery design of the Three Wise Men as an alternative? Let the magic of the Christmas story come alive in your home while learning a few new embroidery stitches along the way.

13. Snowflakes by Why Not Stitching

Image: WhyNotStitching

This set of five different snowflake embroidery templates is perfect for those who love minimalist Christmas decor or are looking for a quick and easy stitching project.

14. Deck the Halls by Mindful Mantra Designs

Image: MindfulMantraDesigns

Those who appreciate intricate embroidery with many details are in the right place with Sophie. With its harmonious color combination and festive elements, this embroidery design adds a enchanting holiday atmosphere to your home.

15. Winter by Handtextileria

Image: Handtextileria

Would you like to enhance your home with a seasonal embroidery decoration? Anke from Handtextileria has created a suitable embroidery template for every season. The “Winter” motif fits perfectly for the Christmas season.

16. Christmas Tree Ornament by Matroyshka Doll Shop

Image: Matroyshka Doll Shop

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree… This enchanting embroidery pattern is not only festive but also particularly easy for beginners to execute. Numerous step-by-step photos guide you through the entire stitching process, ensuring the project is a complete success.

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