Cherry Stone Pillow - Hand Embroidered

Boring cherry stone pillows can be found in other shops. Here you find beautiful hand-embroidered cherry stone pillows and grape seed cushions that are perfect to give away (or keep for yourself). Each heat pillow is unique and handmade in Switzerland.

Besticktes Kirschkernkissen mit einem grünen Zweig und rosa Beeren.
Kirschkernkissen / Chriesisteisäckli aus Baumwolle, bestickt mit einem Margeriten Blumenmuster.

Why you need a cherry stone pillow

Cherry stone pillows are a sustainable alternative to hot water bottles and a proven Swiss home remedy. The cherry stones provide a pleasant natural warmth that lasts for a long time and exudes a pleasant scent. Heated briefly in the microwave, the cherry stone pillow helps to relieve tension and cramps or quickly warms up cold feet. Placed in the refrigerator, it can also be used to cool bruises and insect bites.

Cherry stone pillows vs. hot water bottles

6 reasons why cherry stone pillows are better than hot water bottles.


They never leak

The pillows warm without water.


Natural scent

The heated cherry stones exude a very pleasant scent.



The pillows are flexible and adapt to your body shape.


Without plastic

Only 100% cotton, yarn and cherry stones



No brittle rubber! You can enjoy your pillow for many years.


Quickly ready

No long boiling of water, just microwave for 1-2 minutes.

How to properly warm your cherry stone pillow.

Heat it up quickly and enjoy the cozy warmth.


You can heat the pillow in the microwave at max. 600 watts for approx. 1-2 minutes. It is best to test the temperature in between so that the stones do not heat up too much.


Simply place the cushion on a warm radiator or tiled stove for a few minutes and turn it in between so that it warms up evenly.


In the oven, the pillow will be warm enough after about 10 minutes at 120°C. Make sure that the pillow doesn’t get too hot.

Frau hält Stickring mit Text "be kind"

Handmade in Switzerland

I, Simone, create unique cherry stone pillows in my Swiss studio. Each pillow is lovingly hand-embroidered and sewn, making it a true one-of-a-kind. My creations are not only practical but also personally designed to bring warmth and comfort into your home.