13 Easy Flower Embroidery Patterns for Beginners

You want to learn to embroider? Then embroidery patterns of flowers are ideal for you! They not only look beautiful but also allow you to become familiar with the basic embroidery stitches.

The gentle curves and organic shapes of petals and stems also provide you with more freedom while embroidering compared to geometric forms. Small irregularities or slight deviations from the pattern blend harmoniously with the overall design, giving your floral motif a charming, handcrafted character.

Ready for my favorite beginner-friendly floral embroidery patterns?

Grab your needle, embroidery hoop, and thread, and let’s explore some flowery and beginner-friendly hand embroidery designs together! All embroidery designs are printable PDFs.

1. Bouquet Embroidery Pattern by Why Not Stitching

Image: Why not Stitching

I love this simple flower design! With just a few simple embroidery stitches, you can create this beautiful and delicate motif. The embroidery pattern includes a detailed stitching guide and a video tutorial, making it perfect for beginners!

2. Bumblebee Blooms by ByAlyPloof

Image: By Aly Ploof

Aren’t the colours of this piece stunning? This printable simple floral pattern doesn’t come with a step-by-step instruction, but fear not! With the help of the provided stitch library, you can easily recreate it. The wow effect is guaranteed!

3. Daisies Pattern by MONA Kollektiv

This embroidery pattern is not only one of my favorite personal projects but also highly suitable for embroidery beginners. With just two different embroidery stitches and a few colors, you can create a decorative floral design in no time. It’s perfect for embellishing pillows or bags!

4. Earthy Floral Embroidery by Florals & Floss

Image: Florals & Floss

This floral design may look a bit more intricate, but with Alexandra’s superb instructions, it’s not a challenge even for beginners!
(Fun Fact: I, too, started my embroidery journey with an embroidery pattern from Florals & Floss.)

5. Wildflower Meadows by DoodleAndStitchCo

Image: Doodle and Stitch co

Isn’t this the perfect design for an adorable children’s sweater or bag? With Chloe’s instructions, even embroidery newcomers will have no trouble creating this simple floral design.

6. Mindful Motifs by Formed Fibers

Image: Formed Fibers

With this embroidery pattern, you get not just one but three beautiful floral designs. While stitching the lilac, daffodils, and roses, you can try out various embroidery stitches and continuously improve your skills through the many repetitions.

7. Floral Mandala by Urbann Nest

Image: Urbann Nest

Mandala painting with a twist. This simple and fun embroidery pattern will undoubtedly bring just as much joy and is perfect for practicing various embroidery stitches.

8. Daisies Embroidery Beginner Pattern by MatryoshkaDollShop

Image: Matroyshka Doll Shop

Because I adore daisies so much, here’s a super cute design from Matryoshka Doll Shop. For this flower embroidery, you’ll only need three thread colors, and with the step-by-step photo instructions, all your questions will be answered without a doubt.

9. Wildflowers by SlowEvenings

Image: SlowEvenings

This wildflower design offers plenty of room for creativity. You get it in two variations, but the individual flowers can also be stitched individually. Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose thread colors according to your own taste. Thanks to the step-by-step photo instructions, you will surely succeed in creating this embroidery design.

10. Floral Name Hoops by Handstitched Hoops UK

Image: HandstitchedHoopsUK

If you’re interested in learning how to embroider woven roses, this is the perfect embroidery pattern for you. Here, you can experiment with different sizes and, in the end, have a beautiful handmade gift in your hands.

11. Anna Su by Vingert Embroidery

Image: Vingert Embroidery

In this embroidery pattern, you will find five unique floral designs, perfect for embroidering on clothing or children’s items. Additionally, a comprehensive beginner’s guide is included, featuring valuable tips from one of the most talented embroidery artists, Diana Vingert.

12. Summer Harvest by MindfulMantraDesigns

Image: MindfulMantraDesigns

This embroidery pattern proves that beautiful design doesn’t have to be complicated. With just a few simple embroidery stitches, you can create this beautiful bouquet of flowers.

13. Daisy Duo by DoodleAndStitchCo

Image: Doodle and Stitch co

A duo that is impressive and surely achievable for beginners as well. The 22-page embroidery guide, accompanied by a beginner’s manual, provides detailed explanations of the materials you need and the best way to start the project.

I hope I have inspired you to start embroidering with this small selection of floral embroidery patterns for beginners. Happy stitching!

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