Monochrome Clover • Cherry Stone Pillow

CHF 50.00

This hand embroidered cherry pit pillow is the perfect gift for a minimalist. Firstly, because of its super chic monochrome design and secondly, because it replaces hot water bottles and cool bags.

The cotton pillow is 15 x 15 cm and filled with about 278 g of cleaned cherry stones.


Whether you suffer from back pain, stomach cramps or tension, cherry stone pillows are a natural home remedy to relieve your pain. The cherry stones provide a pleasant natural warmth that lasts for a long time and exudes a pleasant scent.

Heat the cherry stone pillow

  • Microwave: Microwave: You can heat the pillow in the microwave at max. 600 watts for approx. 1-2 minutes. It is best to test the temperature in between so that the kernels do not heat up too much. To prevent the stones from drying out, you can also put a glass of water in the microwave.
  • Radiator: Simply place the cushion on a warm radiator or tiled stove for a few minutes and turn it in between so that it warms up evenly.
  • Oven: In the oven, the pillow will be warm enough after about 10 minutes at 120°C. Make sure that the pillow doesn’t get too hot.

Caution: The pillow and the cherry stones can burn if heated too long and too strongly!

Additional information

Weight 0.278 kg

15 x 15 cm


278 g


Cleaned cherry stones


100% cotton
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 – free from harmful substances

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