Embroidery instructions

You want to learn to embroider? Then you’ve come to the right place. I explain the most important stitches for your embroidery projects step by step and with video instructions.

Woven Wheel Stitch Illustration

Woven Wheel Stitch

The woven wheel stitch can be used to create a rose-like flower.

Detached Chain Stitch illustration

Detached Chain Stitch

The detached chain stitch (lazy daisy) is useful for creating flower petals.

French Knot illustration

French Knot

The French knot can be used to create small dots on the fabric.

Fishbone Stitch illustration

Fishbone Stitch

The Fishbone Stitch can be used to fill in leaves.

Satin Stitch illustration

Satin Stitch

The satin stitch can be used to fill in small shapes.

Stem Stitch vs. Outline Stitch illustration

Stem Stitch / Outline Stitch

These stitches can be used for curved lines, contours and fonts.

Back Stitch illustrations

Back Stitch

The back stitch can be used to create basic outlines, contours and fonts.

Straight Stitch illustration

Straight Stitch

The straight stitch is the most basic embroidery stitch of all and creates a simple…