Detached Chain Stitch

The detached chain stitch (aka lazy daisy) is useful for creating flower petals or rain drops.

Lazy daisy instructions

  1. Bring the needle up from behind your hoop.
  2. Then bring it back down through the same hole. Carefully pull the thread through until there is a small loop left.
  3. Bring your needle up on the inside of the loop at the point where you want your petal to be and pull the thread through.
  4. To secure your petal, insert the needle back into the fabric on the opposite side of the loop.

Video tutorial for lazy daisy stitch

Example for Lazy Daisy

In combination with the french knot, you can easily embroider floral patterns without pre-drawing.

Embroidery Patterns featuring Detached Chain Stitch

If you prefer not to embroider freely, you can also try this embroidery pattern. The detached chain stitch is used for the light green plant. In addition, you can learn many other embroidery stitches.